Release 0.2: Conclusion

Release 0.2 was giving us a good way to learn and help each other by using GitHub. If we have question, we can create issue, and we also can fix someone else issue.

The follow links are the issue I looked for:                —-JavaScript                                    —-JavaScript                 —-C++                               —-JavaScript                             —-C

In this release 0.2, I tried to look for the issue in different language. So that I can solid my basic knowledge of each language. I worked fixed issue for JavaScript, C and C++ language.

The follow links are my pull request:                   —-JavaScript                                        —-JavaScript                     —-C++                                   —-JavaScript                                 —-C

what I learned?

First of all, I learned that if we want to be a programmer, we have to be careful when we coding and to read README file. Because I always have small mistakes when I was working on those project. It leads to error and spent me too much time to fix it.

Second, I learned that if we have any question, we can try to find out the answer by our self using google, material and so on. but don’t take too long time for this. we can use GitHub, Slack or classmate and professor ask for help. Everyone have their own idea and it should be a good way for learning each other. When I working on C++, I had some question about to create the matrices for input number,  I spent too much time on it, later, my classmate helped me to solve question and gave me some ideas, it was a simple problem, and I his idea was interesting although I use my own way to work it. but I really learned a lot from him and this project.

Third, I found that in GitHub, sometimes the issue is not really is an issue that someone doesn’t know how to do it. some issue is the master what to some one else give him more idea for his project. For example, the last pull request that I did. It is to create a C version of Hangman. There had different kind of language on it already. Such as C++, JavaScript, Java and so on. but the master want to collect more language to work on it. It is so interesting that to learn kind of language to work for the same project. And we also compare the different between those different language.

It’s amazing course for us to learn using Git and GitHub. also learn and help each other. Very nice!

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