Release 0.3


After finished release 0.2, I learned a lot. Also, it helps me to solid my basic knowledge of the various language. For the next three weeks, we have to work on release 0.3. we are required to contribute two internal and one external open sources. Now I am going to plan to do over the coming few weeks. (release 0.3 and release 0.4 — three internal, three external), i am interested in below project:

I am interested in three projects and picked those from OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Project Ideas link:

First, I picked the project which is “Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre Extensions for Google Chrome”, it is a very popular project. It separates two parts. I am going to focus on Seneca Blackboard. there have few features provide us to work on it.

I saw an issue is for remove useless parts of the website, I choose to remove Seneca Spotlight. it’s a great way to review the whole JavaScript code and understand what does this project is working for.

Second, I am very interested in to add a feature that announcements should show date, either as a year, month, and day, or X days ago. Because it is very convenient clear know when the announcement post. professor gave me a suggestion that I can reference this link to work on it:


This is a good suggestion for me to work on it. Also, it is very interesting.

The third project is found an external project to work on it. I an interested in to work about Android project.

Fourth, I am going to work on another project that the link provided is “Seneca Student Personal GitHub Dashboard”. Also, it is a very popular project as well.

Fifth, I want to work on an external project is about Javascript.

Sixth, so far i have no idea.

So far, I created an issue for the first one. I am going to fork those two projects and through GitHub have to discuss with my classmate and someone who wants to work on this project. Also, I will use Slack having discuss as well and if I have any question, I can ask for help through GitHub and Slack.

This is my current plan for working on the project!







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