Release 0.3

To follow my plan, I choose “Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre Extensions for Google Chrome” project and fixed the issue which is ” remove useless parts of the website”, I choose to remove Seneca Spotlight.

That is the issue I found:

I fixed the issue and the master merged my pull request.

That is my PR link:



It is a great start to work on a project. It is a better way to understand the code and the project what does it work for.

I didn’t take a long time to fix the issue. Because it is easy for me. I found an external project name is “MilesRemaining”. It is an interesting project that to develop for Android. Why I am interested in this project? That’s because I am going to take MAP524 – Mobile App Development for Android next semester. From the last semester, I am starting to learn basic knowledge by myself.

That’s the link I found this issue:


When I saw this issue, I thought it is easy. But, actually, it is not easy for me at all.  I am still working on this issue. I think I can fix it.

So far, I am using Android Studio that I download it before to open the project.



The issue is that when I working on the application page which is not Home page, such as the above picture, and I go to the phone home interface, then go back to the application, it will auto go to the application home page. The master wants to fix the problem is to keep the previous page after go back the application.

I am spending such a long time to review the code. It is hard for me. But it is a good way to learn Java as well. I run the program and review the code again and again, I found that in main activity, there’s “onResume” function that reloads the “main activity” everytime we re-enter the application. This is unreasonable to reload it cause we don’t necessary to reload it every time. I simply cancel this function and it seems like solve this problem. This project is still working. Still have some error and need help. I will ask for my classmate Tony tomorrow to fix it.

To be Continue….


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