Release 0.3

In the last blog I mentioned that I was working on a project name “MilesRemaining”, It is an interesting project that to develop for Android.

That’s the link I found this issue:


I spent such a long time to fix this issue…  from review the code, review material that from website, try to fix it, ask my classmates for help, fix errors, do the test, to run successful, every step took me such a long time. Actually it is not difficult, but I am a new learner to develop an app for Android. It is a good way for me to study and practise.

I am so happy that master merged my PR.

This is the PR link:





In the beginning, I found that in main activity, there’s “onResume” function that reloads the “main activity” everytime we re-enter the application. This is unreasonable to reload it cause we don’t necessary to reload it every time. I simply cancel this function and it seems like solve this problem. I think the author wanted to refresh the main screen after adding a new car. To do this, I use onResume in HomeFragment. And it works perfectly.


Since I spend too much time on the develop an app for Android and release 0.3 almost due on Friday. I choose to work on an external project that is using JavaScript language. It is an interesting project as well. Also easy.

This is the issue link:


This is the PR link:



It is easy to add an Update function.

This project is using Sequelize, it’s my third semester knowledge. It’s a good way for me to pick up this knowledge that solid my foundation.

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