Release 0.3: Conclusion

I am very enjoy to work on release 0.3. This time is more challenge me. Release 0.3 and Release requires us to work three Internal PR and three External PR. For the release 0.3, I choose work on one Internal and two External.

The follow links are the issue I have found:     —-JavaScript                          —-Java

—-JavaScript                                       —-JavaScript      —-JavaScript    —-JavaScript


The follow links are my pull request:        —-JavaScript                              —-Java

—-JavaScript                                               —-JavaScript       —-JavaScript    —-JavaScript


what I learned?

First of all, in the beginning of work on release, we have to figure out which project we are interested to work on. I did discuss with my classmate. They also gave me some ideas. such as how to make Seneca blackboard more effective. All of them are creativity. such a pleasant discussion.

Second, This week I spent too much time on the second project named “MilesRemaining” which is develop an app for Android. Since I didn’t take MAP524 before, I just learn by myself. This issue is very challenge to me. Through professor provided me some feedback on release 0.2, he noticed that I didn’t often ask questions or participate. Yeah…I am a shy girl and i am not confident on English conversation.  This time, I try to ask question to other classmate who taking or took the MAP524 student. They taught me a lot. They gave me few suggestions, even explained some code that I didn’t understand. They gave me a great help. I learned from them not only the code, but also for their logic.

Third,in release 0.3 and 0.4, I focus on JavaScript. It is a good experience for me. the third project worked for JavaScript language as well. That one is easy. We learned Sequelize before. This project helps me to pick up Sequelize’s knowledge.Very interesting project. In release 0.4, I studying vue.js by myself. and focus to work on internal PR.

I so enjoy working for open source project. And so happy took OSD600 in this semester. It is a very helpful course for us. I so enjoy to work on Git and GitHub. It is a good way to help other people who have an issue on their project. If I have any issue, I can create my issue and ask for help. I am very enjoying it.



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