Release 0.4

For this PR, I am working on Seneca Blackboard Extension. I noticed that there no Seneca Works on this website. So I have an idea to add a link to it.

First, I created an issue that to add Seneca Works link.

This is the issue link:


In my first time pull request, there have conflict error.


I asked my classmate for help. He said because the master changed the directory. So that time have a problem is in my GitHub, I have the original project that didn’t be changed. how can I get the master changed project? I created a new folder on my computer, and clone the master project. I did change on it. I created a new branch to push it on my GitHub. It spent me much time because of error. Finally, I success to push it on my GitHub.

This is PR link:



This PR is easy to add link to Seneca Blackboard. I am going to work for Seneca Student Resume/Portfolio Static Site Generator for the third PR of release 0.4.

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