Release 0.4

I am so excited that working on all release of OSD600 course. It helps to learn a lot. I really enjoy to learn on GitHub, we can help others and ask for help if we have any problem. That can let me learn a lot from other. Also, everyone is so nice that they would like to spend their time help us.

For working on release 0.1 and release 0.2, I was always focused on the language I learned before. Such as C, C++, Javascript. Those languages I learned in the previous semester. It is a good way to pick up my basic knowledge. In release 0.3 and release 0.4, I want to focus on not only the project professor provided, but also for some skill I learn it by myself. Such as develop an app for Android that I did on release 0.3.

For this release 0.4, I am going to work one external PR and two internal PR. For the internal, I have an idea that to add a Seneca Works link on Seneca Blackboard Extension. So that student can log in the website conveniently. For the second internal PR, I wanna work for Seneca Student Resume/Portfolio Static Site Generator. Since I learning vue.js by myself recently. I am going to work on a relative project as external PR.

Vue is a progressive javascript framework that is mostly used for building user interfaces. It enables easy creation of powerful single page applications. It derives its basic use in creating the view layer for any web application.

This is the issue link I found:

And I created PR for the master.

This is the PR link:

add vue sample

I used the knowledge I learn by myself provided the master about vue.js sample.



Vue (or Vue.js) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, with an extremely simple yet powerful API, small library size, and great performance.

It is a good JavaScript library for us to use.

The next PR should be Internal that I want to add Seneca Works link on Seneca Blackboard. Keep holding on…

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